R&D Journal of Integrated Project Management

The R&D Journal of Integrated Project Management  is the official research and development periodical of The pmNERDS’ Center of Excellence, and covers all aspects of integrated project management. As such, not only the integration of the PMs, but also each separate discipline; project management, process management, performance management, people management, product management, program management, and portfolio management are within Journal’s publication domain for practice, research, and teaching. Scholarly articles - qualitative, quantitative and mixed-methods research papers as well as theoretical and exploratory papers are published.

Observation-Hypothesis-Observation are the fundamentals of both the theory of constraints and the scientific method, and provides a systematic review and experimentation process used by  the Center for the development of current theoretical and applied research on topics involving Integrated PM, data analysis, and knowledge generation. Topics which  provide a practical process assessment of techniques; for studying implementation of integrated  PM practices used by children, young adults, individuals, teams, and enterprise applications of Integrated PM are particularly welcome.

We also publish perspectives, in which authors present an original point of view on any aspect of Integrated PM, or on a management issue within Integrated PM. We also publish research and development project procedure and findings created within our open workgroups.